Ours is a tale of love, like all the best stories.



We connect creativity with rationality, style with substance, head with heart and brands with people.

Our people are the perfect combination of creators, makers and producers; working in harmony to create live experiences and drive momentum long after your event is over.

We’re a creative-led experiential event agency that understands the importance of balance, in business as in life.

This balance is hinged on the shared love of a job well done, whatever we do, we do it with love.

We Made This

Of course, a job cannot truly be done with love and balance if you don’t assess its implications.

Building bespoke experiences creates waste. We know this. As a result we've created We Made This.

We Made This is an initiative which aims to up-cycle our waste wood, creating spaces and products for good.

By finding new uses for our waste, as well as sharing our skills and resources, we are able to give something back to the community we love.